Sweet Penny came from a household that was overwhelming and couldn’t meet her needs. There were lots of dogs, some fights, and very few people around. Penny has been at CCAW since March of 2023 and has made a lot of progress since her arrival. She used to cower in a corner, but now happily […]


Hank was rescued from an abandoned hoarded house, where he was alone except for 2 aggressive dogs. He has lived with minimal human contact, except for two exceptional women who made every effort to win the trio over and feed them. Now with Hank in our care, he has made great strides in socialization. He […]


Piper is a sweet and docile young dog, through and through. She was rescued in Loa and quickly brought to Color Country to await her owner. When nobody called, we took her under our wing! She starts off shy, but quickly requests belly rubs. She loves to stretch out and be doted on. Piper will […]


Finn was on the brink of disaster when we scooped him up. He was presumably abandoned by his owners, who had him neutered at some point and spent some time being cared for by a local before they sent him to us. Finn is affectionate, excitable, friendly, and great with other dogs. He loves to […]


You have never met a snugglier, slobberier pittie in all your life! For the pitbull, bully breed, staffy lovers out there, Dorothy is a gorgeous and friendly sweetheart. She is a gentle giant that LOVES people, nylabones, and being beside her people. Found on the side of the highway, a trucker called to let us […]


Nala is a sweet, sweet lady who has been in a dog run most of her 2 years of life. The last 6 months she has had a little buddy who she is very fond of, though we can see a future for her with or without him. Nala is sometimes shy with new people, […]


Eddie is a stand-out kitten because he teaches all the other kittens how to be irresistibly cute, just like him. We noticed right off the bat that Eddie will purr as soon as he sees you. In fact, we bet he’s purring before we even open the door. Eddie has been socializing with a kitten […]


Clarice is one of the most well-travelled CCAW rescue dogs we’ve ever helped. Not only has she seen many miles in her short life, she’s also lived a full lifetime of struggle to arrive here and now be ready to see only the light of each new day and loving smiles from her friends at […]


Once just a legend, the “Fluffy Bunch” has now been apprehended. This band of high desert roaming outlaw kittens has been shown that crime, and life in the wilds, doesn’t pay. Nor does it compare to a warm lap and the endless snuggles of a forever home with you! BeemBeem and his siblings have turned […]

Love and Munchkin

Love and her nearly identical big brother Munchkin are just old enough (7-8 months) to not be called kittens but not quite seasoned, adult felines either. As such, they are still as playful and inquisitive as kittens but in a slightly larger frame. They have been loved and well cared for by their foster since […]