Finn was on the brink of disaster when we scooped him up. He was presumably abandoned by his owners, who had him neutered at some point and spent some time being cared for by a local before they sent him to us. Finn is affectionate, excitable, friendly, and great with other dogs. He loves to […]


You have never met a snugglier, slobberier pittie in all your life! For the pitbull, bully breed, staffy lovers out there, Dorothy is a gorgeous and friendly sweetheart. She is a gentle giant that LOVES people, nylabones, and being beside her people. Found on the side of the highway, a trucker called to let us […]


Nala is a sweet, sweet lady who has been in a dog run most of her 2 years of life. The last 6 months she has had a little buddy who she is very fond of, though we can see a future for her with or without him. Nala is sometimes shy with new people, […]

Romney Evans

Romney has always been passionate about travel and furry friends. She recently took the step to leave her hometown in Salt Lake for Wayne County in search of a new adventure. Since she was young, Romney has had a special place in her heart for animals, some of her best friends have had four legs. […]