Facility Manager- Lorelei O’Day

Originally from Maine, Lorelei has traded endless trees and lakes for our very own red rocks and piñon pines. An avid angler and hiker, she knows her way around the desert and the best off-leash, “no-one around” trails. Her red-nose pitbull Barley “Bones” is a certified hiking, biking, fishing, canyoneering, kayaking buddy. Lorelei is glad to […]

Assistant Manager- Erika Wynn

Since she was young, Erika has been enamored by the diverse landscape surrounding Capitol Reef National Park and is now happy to call this place home. As a social work student, Erika is passionate about community and strives to build connections wherever she goes. Her favorite ways to spend time with her four-legged friend are […]

Allison Dansie

Allison grew up on a small family farm in Riverton, Utah, where farm cat Tuffy ruled the roost and oversaw the comings and goings of Tony the horse and Tinkerbell the dog (just to name a few of the Dansie farm’s 4-legged residents).   Allison completed an M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Utah and […]

Mary Feiler

Mary has raised her family in Boulder, UT for the past 21 years and animals have always played a vital role in her life. Dogs, especially, have been there for nearly every chapter of her life. From earliest childhood days through high school in Phoenix AZ, through college years in Fairbanks, AK, and right there […]


Eddie is a stand-out kitten because he teaches all the other kittens how to be irresistibly cute, just like him. We noticed right off the bat that Eddie will purr as soon as he sees you. In fact, we bet he’s purring before we even open the door. Eddie has been socializing with a kitten […]


Clarice is one of the most well-travelled CCAW rescue dogs we’ve ever helped. Not only has she seen many miles in her short life, she’s also lived a full lifetime of struggle to arrive here and now be ready to see only the light of each new day and loving smiles from her friends at […]


Once just a legend, the “Fluffy Bunch” has now been apprehended. This band of high desert roaming outlaw kittens has been shown that crime, and life in the wilds, doesn’t pay. Nor does it compare to a warm lap and the endless snuggles of a forever home with you! BeemBeem and his siblings have turned […]

Love and Munchkin

Love and her nearly identical big brother Munchkin are just old enough (7-8 months) to not be called kittens but not quite seasoned, adult felines either. As such, they are still as playful and inquisitive as kittens but in a slightly larger frame. They have been loved and well cared for by their foster since […]


Maxx and his sister Bell-E lost their human to tragedy yet have resolved themselves to overcome adversity, with CCAW’s help, and bring unequaled companionship and affection to your home. They are both gorgeous individuals and have now been socialized with our resident family of felines to prepare them for a new beginning and lifelong companionship […]


If you have followed CCAW’s recent happy parade of rescued and adopted felines then you must remember Mr Purr and his amazing story of survival out in the high desert during this past winter season. Cliff Eastwood here must be cut from the same cloth as his story is identical and even his rescuer was […]