Little Carmichael, affectionately called “Mikey”, is the latest addition to Dana and Nipper’s family of four-legged adoptees.  Carmichael is named after Dottie Carmichael Weaver, CCAW’s founder.  James and Nan Anderson found him as a tiny abandoned kitten in the road near their home in Bicknell.  They bottle-fed him and cared for him until he was old enough to move on to a new home.  Dana and Nipper had recently lost another of their adopted cats, who had been a great friend and playmate of dog Zepher.  Tragic as it is to lose a member of the family, it is also an opportunity to give another animal a home.  Carmichael was adopted by Dana and Nipper, and within four days the little kitten and dog Zepher had already become friends and playmates.